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The High School for Math, Science and Engineering at City College (often abbreviated to High School for Math, Science and Engineering, HSMSE, or HSMSE @ CCNY) is one of the nine public magnet, specialized high schools in New York City, United States. It caters to highly gifted students from across the city. It is located within the campus of the City College of New York (CCNY).
Created in 2002 along with Queens High School for the Sciences at York College, and High School of American Studies at Lehman College, HSMSE was founded with an emphasis on engineering and design, and was envisioned as a small school with approximately four hundred students. The relatively small population of the school allows students and teachers to have a stronger relationship. Being a specialized high school not only draws students in, but also allows for a diverse student body.

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  1. M

    LaTeX Which bibliography style does the Journal of Engineering Math use?

    Hi PF! Do you know which bibliography style Journal of Engineering Math is? One example is attached. The template they provide for publishing does not specify, and the editor said to consult previous publications. After googling for an hour, I don't know where to turn. I could always email an...
  2. S

    Fluid Mechanics: Fluid Transfer Between Two Reservoirs at Different Heights

    A reservoir supply tunnel transfers water from a high level storage reservoir via a 200mm diameter pipe to a lower intermediate reservoir. The total height difference between the free surfaces of each reservoir is 76 m. The pipe is 700 m long and the coefficient of friction, Cf is 0.009. The...
  3. whatphysics

    Engineering Math: Laplace Transform

    Not homework question, just need clarification and explanation. How did the person get from the left equation to the right side. I know he's just simplifying. But he didn't include steps and I've been trying to work out how to no avail. Any help on how this person simplified the LHS to RHS? Thanks!
  4. smodak

    Difference Between "Engineering Math" and "Mathematical Methods"

    What really is the difference between a book for Engineering Math and a Math methods book for, say, Physics? They all look very similar to me. Also, a math method book may significantly differ from another math method book depending on the level covered and a math method book may be very similar...
  5. F

    Mathematics for Engineers – Good courses, textbooks etc?

    I am trying to work my way through Stephen Pope's "Turbulent Flows". I'm finding that my Achilles heel (as has been throughout my undergraduate degree) is maths. Since this book is essentially applied maths, I'm finding it difficult. So I'd like to simultaneously work through a course in...
  6. W

    What math to learn after differential eq. and linear algebra?

    Hi, I'm currently studying to become a chemical engineer. After learning differential equation and linear algebra, I've realized how useful they are in my engineering courses since they make setting up equations and solving them so much easier. So I was wondering if there are other math that...
  7. lonely_nucleus

    Math required for nuclear engineering?

    What are some standard math courses that nuclear engineers take in college? Do they do more math than calculus 2? Do they use a lot of geometry? What are some standard math books that they will read during their math studies? In general I am referring to the nuclear engineers that work in the...
  8. N

    Why does the engineering math need to be so rigerous?

    Why does it have to be so rigorous when it comes to proving things that are so obvious they (seemingly to me) don't need to be proven? I just started on my engineering degree, and I am extremely surprised at how proof-based the math is in my country. Why can't it be more intuition based? For...
  9. C

    Science and engineering math: non-homogeneous differential equation

    Homework Statement Solve the differential equation y(iv)(t) - 16y(t) = 30sint subject to y(0) = 0, y'(0) = 2, y"(∏) = 0, y'"(∏) = -18 Homework Equations There is a Laplace transform table attached if needed :) The Attempt at a Solution I tried making it homogeneous and then...
  10. C

    Science & engineering math: system of differential equations

    Homework Statement Solve the system of differential equations: y'(t) + z(t) = t y"(t) - z(t) = e-t Subject to y(0) = 3, y'(0) = -2, and z(0) = 0 Homework Equations My professor did an example in class that was much simpler and solved it using Kramer's rule. The Attempt at a...
  11. C

    Science and engineering math: Difference equation, non-homogeneous

    Homework Statement Solve the difference equation: an+2 - 5an+1 + 6an = 4n Subject to a0 = 0 & a1 = 1 Homework Equations an = Arn The Attempt at a Solution I got two solutions for the first part for when it is homogeneous by substituting an = Arn into the equation and solving for...
  12. C

    Science & engineering math: integro-differential equation

    Homework Statement \int y'(u)y(t-u)du = 24t3 The integral goes from t (top) to 0 (bottom) With y(0) = 0 Homework Equations I want to say it kind of looks like a convolution problem \int f(u)g(t-u)du The integral goes from t (top) to 0 (bottom) The Attempt at a Solution I have no idea...
  13. T

    Engineering Math - Complex Roots and Powers

    Homework Statement Evaluate the following in x+iy form. i3+i Homework Equations i=rei\Theta The Attempt at a Solution i=rei\frac{pi}{2} i3+i = i3*ii (-i)(ei2\frac{pi}{2}) =-ie-\frac{pi}{2} =-.2079i I understand how it all works out except \frac{pi}{2}. I can't figure out how...
  14. F

    Which book for Advanced Engineering Math ?

    I have used Thomas' Calculus , now what should I consider next (mainly for Differential Equations/Complex Analysis/Fourier Transforms etc.) I heard Kreyzig is good , any recommendations on that ? PS: Actually I found Thomas' to be very good, but when I read Courant's Calculus text, I felt as...
  15. D

    Programs Engineering Math Physics degree?

    Hello everyone, This is my first post. My problem is that I'm getting terribly frustrated trying to decide which degree to pursue? Everyday I change between electrical engineering, math, or physics. I have been back in school since spring '08. And my original intention was to pursue a...
  16. Z

    Studying Why do I find engineering math textbooks much more understandable?

    In many of the topics in math i hav learned so far, i just found that engin textbooks such as <advanced engin math> are much more understandable and yet covering similar depth of contents than mathematic methods book such as aftken&weber which my teacher choose as reference book for e course. I...