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Homework Help: Engineering Thermo. Question

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    Hey guys, I have been having a really hard time trying to figure out this question. It seems like everything I do, I can not get resonable answers. If you can help me, that would be great.

    Problem: A 500-L tank stores 100kg of nitrogen gas at 150 degrees K. To design the tank, the pressure must be estimated and three different methods are suggested:
    a) Nitrogen Tables
    b) Ideal Gas assumption
    c) Generalized compressibility chart
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    So what's your question?
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    I can't get the pressure by using any of the Nitrogen tables for an ideal gas. They seem not to have enough information on them to find pressure. When I use the ideal gas equation, the pressure comes out to be really really high, and when I find Tr and Vr for the compressability chart, nothing matches up. I did not have this problem when I used R-134a for a similar question. Everything went smooth for that gas, but it seems like you can't solve this question for nitrogen.
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