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Homework Help: Equation Financial Mathematics

  1. May 31, 2007 #1
    Please help me solve this equation

    a * 0,1 + (1-a) * 0,05 = 0,0608

    My head is like a bomb i can't solve it :bugeye:
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    This has nothing to do with differential equations! Also it looks like secondary school homework so I am moving it there.

    a * 0,1 + (1-a) * 0,05 = 0,0608
    First multiply out that parenthised term: (1-a)(0,05)= 0,05- 0,05a.
    0,1 a+ 0,05- 0,05a= 0,0608

    Now combine the two "a" terms: 0,1 a- 0,05a= (0,1-0,05)a= 0,05a.
    0,06a+ 0,05= 0,0608

    Can you finish it from there?
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