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Homework Help: Equation for Velocity?

  1. Mar 7, 2010 #1
    Does anyone know if there exists an equation for finding final velocity by just knowing:
    1) Time, 2)final and initial position and 3)constant acceleartion?
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    works for your questions, and is the definition of an acceleration. More generally, the usual equation taught is:

    [itex]\overline{v}=\frac{x_f - x_0}{t_f - t_0}=\frac{x}{t}[/itex]

    this gives [itex]\overline{v}= \frac{\Delta v}{\Delta t}[/itex] since [itex]\frac{x'-x}{t'-t}[/itex].

    where x is position, t is time and the lower indices are f which resembles ''final'' and the 0 resembles ''initial''.Using albegra to calculate velocity is given as [itex]x=x_0 +vt[/itex].
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