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Estimating the energy released in fission

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    I have been asked in a past exam paper to estimate the energy released by the fission of one 235U nucleus. I am given the mass of a 235U nucleus and also 141Cs nucleus and 93Rb nucleus in the 'Useful constants and formula' section of the exam so I wondered if I had to use these, although obviously 141 and 93 do not sum to 235 so I wondered if there was a method to estimate the energy released by a fission without using mass differences etc, like if you just used an estimate of the energy released per nucleon in fission or something? Many Thanks
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    Did the 'Useful constants and formulae' also contain the mass of the neutron? ;)
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    Ah yea so do you add the neutron mass to the Rb and Cs nuclei and make this the products and calculate the mass deficit this way?
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