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Homework Help: Euclid math contest

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    I'm not sure if this site is Canadian or not, but in Canada, we have math contests. These are tests written by the university of Waterloo. I'm in grade 12 this year and I am writing the Euclid math contest on Tues, April 19. Anyone have any experience with this test? Any advice?
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    No, the test is not about Euclidean Geometry. It's just named after Euclid. Each year of high school, they have one: 9 - Gauss, 10,11,12,13 - Cayley, Fermat, Descartes, Euclid (can't remember the order of the last 4). That was when I was in high school in Ontario. They no longer have OAC (or grade 13), so one of those tests will be gone. It's just a general math competition, with relatively hard problems, based on whatever students of that grade learn and should already know. I believe you can find places on the web with past competitions, so you can download them and do them. I can't think of better preparation than that. Make sure you know what you've been taught this year as well.
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    lol... im writing it too... April 19 right?... im only in grade 11 but i jumped ahead in math so my teacher let me write it. i hear whoever gets first place in it gets a really good scollership for waterloo.
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    I wrote it back when I was in grade 12.

    As for advice, try some of the http://www.cemc.uwaterloo.ca/english/contests/euclid.shtml [Broken] to get an idea of what the test is like.

    Like AKG said, aside from doing those tests, the best thing to do is to understand the current material.

    IMO, especially Geometry and Discrete Mathematics.

    Calculus and Pre-Calc is all simple algebra anyways :P

    I don't recall any Data Management questions being on the test ...
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    Being in grade 10 i did a test too... The last number is always the harder...
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    well there are workshops which i am working on, now. they can be found on the same site as the old tests. and I am currently taking both geometry and discrete math as well as calculus, and were only barely half way into the courses, so they wont help that much. Nx2, what you said is true, but not only for waterloo. I'm pretty sure most universities will consider giving you a scholarship. But thats only if you do extremely well, I'm guessing minimum top 10.
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    well i already have my first question,
    http://cemc.uwaterloo.ca/english/contests/euclid_prep/archive/eew_ps1.pdf [Broken]
    #3 at the bottom,
    http://cemc.uwaterloo.ca/english/contests/euclid_prep/archive/eew_ps1_sol.pdf [Broken]
    There is the answer, but I don't get how they end up getting log 200/2. I understand how they get the "log (3/2 x 4/3 x ....200/199)" but not the next part. Thanks for any help
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    alright nevermind, I figured it out, the numerators and denomators cancel out when you multiply them.
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