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Evaluate integral of Sine function

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    Hello guyz, I am new at this page. I need your help. I can't able to evaluate this integral. intergral of( sin(pi*t/(2T)) e^ -j2*pi*f*t)dt . The lower limit is 0 and the upper limit is 2T ...This is acctually the Fourier transform of sin(pi*t/(2T)) where 0<t<2T ....I could do the fourier transform of this but only if the limit of t is -infinity to infinity...Thanks for your help...
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    Are you familiar with Euler's identity? Consider rewriting [tex] sin(\frac{ \pi t}{2T} ) [/tex] as [tex]\frac{1}{2j} (e^{\frac{j \pi t}{2T}} - e^{-\frac{j \pi t}{2T}})[/tex]

    (Edit: Fixing the equation, LaTeX)
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