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Homework Help: Everybody loves a slinky

  1. Nov 20, 2005 #1
    Everybody loves a slinky HELP!

    my variables
    • f = frequency
    • v = velocity
    • y = wavelength
    Due to the equation v = yf what other factors could change 'v'? does the material condition (stretched) have any factors to change speed. ​
    These are some answers of the questions I have done.
    The speed of a pulse reaching to the end is the same speed coming back to the other end​
    The Amplitude does not effect the speed since it does not have a special part to the equation v = yf ​
    "Question I'm on"
    Does the material condition effect the speed (ex. stretched)​
    "My answer to that, not really sure"
    The material condition does not effect the speed, because it only effects the amplitude therefore not effecting the speed.​
    Are my responses correct? I experimented my theories on a slinky.
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