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Expanding universe

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    If space is expanding like balloon and it disappears wrinkles on surface than after sometimes surface will become smooth and expansion will stop and if we further try to expand the universe than surface will tear apart like balloon's surface.Is it true??
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    The only thing tearing apart is an analogy stretched too far.
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    No. The balloon analogy is just that - an analogy. Obviously the unvierse is not a balloon, and is not made of rubber. It will not tear, nor will it explode if expanded too much.
    The analogy aims to explain the concept of a 3-dimensional space expanding uniformly without any identifiable centre to it, by showing how a 2-dimensional space(the surface of a balloon) can expand in such a way. It is only the geometry of the 2-d space that is important here. What exists outside or inside the 2-d space, and what is that space "made of" is completely irrelevant, and focusing on these aspects will lead to misconceptions about the Big Bang.

    Have a look at this article:
    http://www.mso.anu.edu.au/~charley/papers/LineweaverDavisSciAm.pdf (first page is blank)
    to get a better grip on what the analogy is and isn't trying to convey.
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    No, it's nonsense. I suggest you look at the link in my signature
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    Bandersnatch is correct. A similar analogy in 3 dimensions is rising bread dough. From practically any bubble inside the loaf one would see other bubbles moving away from you in every direction. The basic idea is that there is no central point of origin for the expansion. The uniformity of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) has been interpreted as evidence that the expansion of the universe is centerless. However, recent measurements of very high precision show some unexpected asymmetry and non-uniformity which I personally believe indicate that the universe may have expanded in two modes simultaneously -- centered and centerless, (just my speculation).
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