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Eyeball resolution

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    Hey, im getting interested in the human eye. and ive set up an experiment, to try and prove, how the eye resoultion changes at different lux i.e setting it to 0.1 lux then move 2 slits further away ect. then doing it with dfferent amounts of lux

    does anyone have any useful information. or know of a webite that does??

    thank you very much!

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    What a coincidence this subject could come up.

    Here is an experiment on eye resolution.
    http://www.vuw.ac.nz/scps-demos/Demos/Pira6A/EyeResolution/EyeResolution.htm [Broken]

    I was watching a documentary yesterday on the Battle of Jutland. One of the key matters was communication between two groups in the British Navy. Admiral David Beatty commanded a group of battlecruisers (lightly armoured battleships) and Admiral John Jellicoe commanded the larger Grand Fleet with battleships. Beatty's group was ahead of Jellicoe's group when a group of German warships were sited. Beatty signaled Jellicoe's group by the old traditional flag/penant method (too early for radio) and took off toward the German ships. Jellicoe (and his watchmen) did not see the Beatty's signal and actually continued away from Beatty.

    The point was that Beatty was too far for reliable communication using the flag/penant method.
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