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News Feasibility of Wind and Solar Power in Ontario

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    Easily doable
    A modern large 1.5-2Mw turbine costs about $4-5M installed
    so 2800Mw for $7bn is about right if you include the transmission lines etc.
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    That's a bit high. The 2007 installed price in the US was $1500/kw average onshore, http://eetd.lbl.gov/EA/emp/reports/lbnl-275e.pdf" [Broken] or $2.25 M for 1.5MW turbine. Apparently now in the recession costs are nearer $1000/kW for wind onshore.

    That was wind and solar for the 2.8GW, and the article never broke out the two, nor does it say what kind of solar. If it was all solar PV $6.6B won't be nearly enough (so there can't be much solar PV in there). I can't imagine solar's going to ever be worth while at that latitude and average cloud cover.
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