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Fiber Optic PPR biochemicals detection sensor

  1. Mar 20, 2012 #1
    I was reading this journal on FO-PPR sensor and had a doubt. Couldn't exactly google for an answer as it was unclear.
    "Integration of fiber optic-particle plasmon resonance biosensor with microfluidic
    chip" by a group of scientists.
    I have attached the pdf.
    Under the section "Preparation of AuNP" , it had (n=500) written in the end. I couldn't figure out what it meant .
    I will appreciate it , if you clear my doubt .

    Edit by Borek: pdf removed.
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    Number of nanoparticles used for size analysis.

    I am deleting the attachment, posting it here almost for sure breaks copyright.
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    Thanks Borek.
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