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Find stress and shear stress

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    Stress's for circular bar?
    Calculate the maximum normal and shearing stresses

    of a circular bar with diameter 0.05m and axial compression load of 150000 N ..

    I know for stress = Force / Area, how do you solve for shear stress?
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    Good evening Rieck and welcome to Physics Forums.

    All stress is Force/Area, you just have to take the correct force and area.

    Did you miss the lecture on shear stress?

    Look at my diagram of your bar.

    What is the stress on the area perpendicular to the applied force (area1)?
    What is the stress parallel to the area perpendicular to the applied force?

    What is the force applied to the area of section SS.

    Can you resolve this applied force perpendicular and parallel to SS?

    What is the area of SS

    So what is the shear stress on SS?

    If you can write down a formula for this shear in terms of P and the angle theta how do you find the maximum of an equation?

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    there is no angle involved in this problem.
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    We can't help you if you don't help us.

    What do you know about shear stress?
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