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Find support developing a moment of inertia calculation software

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    I got the algorithm to deal with every section profile. The software would calculate the area and the moment of inertia of any section or any combination of sections in different materials. Further more, I would develop it to deal with non-linear analysis finding the stress and strain on every point in a section under internal forces. My first target is to design Reinforced Concrete Section.

    But I am from Vietnam. Will I find any support from anywhere to run this project and create valuable application ? Thanks.
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    Do you mean financial support or development support? Is this intended to be marketed or simply created for personal use? I don't know what the market demand for a piece of software such as this would be.

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    If there ain't no market demand, I would create it for personal use and I won't need any support. But if there is any, I would need more financial support to make my application better. Thanks for you advise.
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