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Homework Help: Find the final temperature of the sample.

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    Oxygen gas having a volume of 1000 cm3 at 45.0°C and 1.01 *10^5 Pa expands until its volume is 1450 cm3 and its pressure is 1.06 * 10^5 Pa.

    a) Find the final temperature of the sample.

    t2 = (p2v1/p1v1) * t1

    t2 = [(1.06*10^5 * 1450 *10^-6) / (1.01*10^5 * 1000 *10^-6)] * 318.2 = 484.2

    I input the answer but it is wrong cant find out what i am doing wrong
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    Can you provide the full statement of the problem? What is the question that is being asked? If it is the final temperature of the gas, should the answer be in Kelvin or in degrees Celsius?
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    sorry forgot that portion updated the original post and noticed that i have the problem done correctly, the only problem was that the answer needed to be in degrees instead of kelvin...

    I have another question here if you had the time to look at it i would appreciate it

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