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Homework Help: Find the mass of this boat using torque

  1. Dec 15, 2004 #1
    A Trailer carrying a boat is supported by a scale which initially reads 48-kg. The boat (and therefore its centre of gravity) is moved 0.15-m further back on the trailer. The scale now reads 37-kg. Find the mass of the boat.

    Kinda looks like this:


    Well, ive been tryin this question for 30 mins and i cant seem to get the right answer. I know F(d) = F(d) (where 'd' is the distance from the pivote)
    but i dont know how to solve for the mass. If any of you can figure out my diagram and know wut to do...please help lol :smile:

    Edit: k forget the diagram its just confusing lol. Just remeber that the boat is on a trailer with one point on the scale and then 6 meters away is the wheel. So there are 2 pivots.
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