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Homework Help: Finding coefficien of kinetic friction

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    A slide loving pig slides down a 35 degree slide in twice the time it would taken to slide down a frictionless 35 degree slide. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the pig and slide?

    So with the frictionless slide I found ax=8.03m/s^2 but without velocity or the length of the slide I'm not sure how to find time. So i shifted to the slide with friction,

    Fy= n-mgsin(35)
    N=mg sin(35)

    Fx= mg(-╬╝ksin(35))+(cos(35))


    I definitely can't use the same value of acceleration right? Because the first acceleration assumed no opposing force.
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    Pick an arbitrary length for the slide. You'll find that it'll cancel out of the equations. Use the time-distance formula for constant accelerations. Determine acceleration for each case first.
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