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Finding/Implementing a digitally-controlled high-voltage switch

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    I am looking for a switch or relay to switch high voltages on and off based on a digital input signal. Below are the characteristics of the device I would like to find.

    Switching frequency: 100 Hz to 100 KHz
    Input (control) signal: square waves, 3 to 12 volts amplitude, 100 Hz to 100 KHz range
    Input voltage to be switched: 0 to 5 kilovolts DC, 1 milliamp (max)
    Output signal: square waves, 0 to 5 kilovolts amplitude
    Load: capacitive load (several picofarads)
    Cost: not more than $100 per switch

    Thanks for any info you can contribute to this!
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    skeptic2, thanks for the reply. Do you know if these tubes will will operate at a frequency of up to 100 KHz at a voltage of 5 KV? Taking a look at the link provided, it seemed that the tubes operate at only a few hundred hertz? Or maybe I did not interpret the headings correctly?

    Also other ideas are welcome from anyone.
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    Those maximum frequencies would be in MHz. ie 200 MHz is 200 000 000 Hz. So, 100 KHz would be no problem.

    These are high powered transmitting tubes and they are usually very expensive if you buy them new.

    You may be able to hunt for second hand ones on Ebay or at Ham Radio gatherings.
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    vk6kro, thanks for the info!
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