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Homework Help: Finding the force on an object undergoing angular velocity

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    a cylindrical can with mass = 3kg is elevated from a trough at point X that is at the 0 degree mark on a circular ramp with radius .6m. The can is elevated by a rotating rod moving at a constant 0.5 rad/s. determine the force on the can when θ
    =30 degrees. The distance r from the pivot of the rod to the can is r = 1.2cosθ m . the distance from the pivot of the rod to the 90 degree mark of the circular ramp is .6m.

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    Simon Bridge

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    You get the best out of these forums when you show some attempt at the problem - then we know where to focus our attention.

    It will help to start with a diagram ... show us too: the description is incomplete.
    eg. is the circular ramp concave up or concave down? Is the bottom of the ramp at the bottom or top of the trough? Where is the "rotating rod" pushing the can - through it's axis? Hooked under a rim? How come the moment arm depends on angle?
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