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Homework Help: Fine and Hyperfine splitting

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    I'm having some problems with the Fine and Hyperfine splitting (FS and HFS). For example the 3s3p Configuration, I understand the FS:
    ************1P________J=1*****_______ Mj=0
    *****************************_______ Mj=-1
    ************3P______ Is split into J=0,1,2 and they are split into the Mj levels

    But where then is the HFS. I understand that I and J couple to F and that gives MF-levels but I don't know where to put in the picture above.

    edit: the picture isn't very clear, sorry had to add some stars.
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    What is the degeneracy of the Mj levels in the absense of the HFS ?

    Perhaps, I should ask this first : Do you know where to put the hyperfine levels for the 1s orbital ?
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    For the 1s Orbital: L=0, S=1/2 thus J=1/2. That means the level has FS for J = 1/2 and J = -1/2. I don't know I so I can't give the F values however I suppose that the J-levels are splitted into the F-levels. And that if there is an external magnetic field (weak) the F-levels are splitted into 2F+1 Mf levels. Is this correct?
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