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Firing Solution - Projectile Motion

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    This is problem that has been bugging me for the last few days and I fear I don't know the math to figure it out. (As is no education above geometry and a very basic introduction to trigonometry.)

    I do 3D modeling and animation.

    Assume this takes place in, say, a sci-fi space battle where there is no gravity or any resistance.

    Within this scene are three things: a turret on a ship, a target, and a null (basically a single point that can be moved around and do other things).

    The turret automatic points itself at the null.

    I would like to apply an equation to this null that will move it to the point where it thinks the turret would need to fire in order to hit the target.

    This would need to take into account the velocity of the target, the velocity the turret, and the speed at which the projectile travels.

    Again, assume no competency in physics what so ever.
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    I think you are asking how to figure out how much the turret should lead the target, assuming they are traveling in different directions. Is that right?
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    Yes. Perhaps a picture might help.

    http://www.doepkeonline.com/NullTarget.jpg [Broken]
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