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Homework Help: Fluid Dynamics - Multiple Pipe System Need Help Please

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    Fluid Dynamics - Multiple Pipe System Need Help Please!!!!

    There are 2 pumps at 2 locations with pipes (12") running from each of the pumps that are to both tied into 1 pipe (16"). In order to tie the 2 pipes into the one pipe there will be a 90 and a y fitting. The 16" pipe will then continue onto the dump point which is an open channel.

    Using the Bernoulli Equation I can calculate what the volume and flow will be for both of the independent lines. What I can not figure out is will the 16" line accept the full flow quantity from both of these locations. So given that I have volumes, pressures and head losses for both of the lines. How do I figure out if the 16" line will be large enough and strong enough for the pressure and volume of water entering the line?
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