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Homework Help: Force and velocity

  1. Jun 14, 2009 #1

    I did


    vf= 16 m/s

    I remember doing a question like this on a test a while ago and I think the teacher said you dont know that the initial velocity is 0 or something like that?

    anyways my way I dont get the right answer, the correct answer is 7.3m/s

    How do I do this?
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    The area under the graph gives the total work done.

    At 10m, the box will have two kinds of energy, one is kinetic, what is the other?
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    ya there is ep and ek but you cant really find Ek at the start or at the end right?

    unless you assume the starting velocity is 0 but what if its not?
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    or do u use 250j total energy and the inititial Ep, I thinks thats right.
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    That's the nice thing about conservation of energy.

    Ep+Ek= Total energy up to the point of the motion.

    So at the beginning

    mghinitial+1/2mv2initial = Total energy.

    And at any other point

    mgh + 1/2 mv2= Total energy at that point.

    So if you want the energy at the end. You can get the total energy there using the area.

    so mghend +1/2mv2end=Total energy at the end.
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    thank you very much.
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