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Programs From Bachelor to PhD

  1. Sep 4, 2016 #1

    this year I am getting my Bachelor in Physics. Do you know if it's possible to apply for a PhD, without getting a Master, in Europe? The field I am interested in is General Relativity and compact object binary systems, my thesis is on the same topic.
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    Most European institutes will require a Master before admitting you to a graduate program.

    Even if you would find an institute where this is not a requirement, you would be competing with people that do have a Master and therefore very likely be sorted out in the selection process.

    Bottom line: You should get a Master if you want to enter a PhD program.
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    thanks for the response.

    Do you have any Master's program recommendation on the topics I mentioned? I have found a few myself but I do not know anyone that has been though them so I can get feedback.
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    Don't you have any kind of academic adviser ?
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