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Fuel Cell with unpressurised Hydrogen and Oxygen

  1. Jun 2, 2012 #1
    Let's say I have a balloon full of Hydrogen that is STP, and outside this balloon I have normal air (containing oxygen) which is also STP. Is there a way to produce energy by turning these 2 items into a fuel cell, if so how practical is it (in a DIY setting) and is there anything that would make it more efficient (such as pressurising the hydrogen)?
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    It is possible and pressure should not be a problem. Just keep in mind that the energy storage density is quite low with hydrogen at air pressure.
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    How could I perform this experiment in a DIY lab? Are there any equations that I can use to predict how much power I should be getting?
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    I searched amazon.com for "Fuel Cell" and got plenty of hits for books dedicated to fuel cells. One of these should suite you.
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