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Gamma Ray Bursts

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    I've been reading up on Gamma-Ray bursts, and one thing which has struck me is that, when described through light curves, no burst appears to be the same. Given the phenomenon seem to be based on standard principles, that doesn't make sense to me - behavior cannot be random. Is there any way to mathematically predict, simulate or model the radiation output of a GRB? Or is that not possible since the origins and circumstances of the GRB continue to be debated?

    Thank you all for your responses. :)
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    Obviously any model for predicting a GRB would need to make use of a physical model for the source of the GRB.

    For example, if some GRB's are produced by neutron star-neutron star collisions, we could potentially predict a GRB if we are able to observe the system soon before it collapses, as if we can get the mutual orbits of the two neutron stars, it shouldn't be all that difficult to compute when the collision occurs.
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