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Hi can anyone please suggest me how to find out the rate at which gas in LPG cylinder reduce.Initially before use gas cylinder will be full as the consumer start using the gas it starts reducing how do i calculate how much is left out and the rate at which it is getting reduced ,And also if a single burner is on gas starts reducing at a rate at the same time if two burners are simultaneously On gas starts reducing at a different rate.Can anyone kindly suggest me how do i find this out.Is there any formulas for finding this out .Please help me .

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Simon Bridge
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Welcome to PF;
... take the mass of gas purchased and divide by the time to use all the gas.
You can also put the bottle on some scales and take a reading every 5mins or whatever. I suspect these would be better than calculations.

How you'd model it will depend on what you need to know for, but the rate that gas is delivered to the appliance is pretty much constant for the appliance (due to regulator).
... so 2 burners would use the LPG twice as fast etc.
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Simon Bridge
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... maybe read off the energy consumption off the label on the burner, and use 50MJ/kg for the LPG use?

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