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Homework Help: General theorem for Functional dependence

  1. Jan 16, 2007 #1
    suppose Fi (a1, a2, ... an) , 0 < i <= k. a1, ..., an are reals
    Then the Frechet derivative DF is a k x n matrix. If rank(DF) = k , does it still suggest functional dependence amonst Fi 's ?
    Also, when rank(DF) < n (number of independent variables) , what does it signify ?

    The theorem I had in mind was :
    let f = (f1, ..., fn) be a C1 map from a connected open set U in Rm into Rn.
    Suppose Df has rank k at every x in U, where k < n.
    Then every x in U has a neighborhood N s.t. f1, ..., fn are func.dep on N,
    and f(N) is a smooth k-dim submanifold of Rn.
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