Generator hunting when parallel

  1. Evening to all, I'm electrician onboard AHTS vessel. Currently I've have problem with generators onboard my vessel. For your info, we have 4 generators onboard. When paralleling with generator No. 1 and 2, the generator will be hunting if the load is low. But if running only generator 1 or 2, there are no problem. This happened also if we paralleling with 3 generators with generator no. 2. I suspected that there is a problem with generator No. 2. Hope I can get information regarding this matter. Thanks.
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  3. What drives each generator?
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    Check droop settings on governors?
    Sounds like #2 is different trom 1 & 3 somehow.
    Could be as simple as excess play or friction in mechanical throttle linkage...
  5. What type of governors do you have mechanical or electronic?
    What size are your generators?
    Do you have a large load that you can switch on and off easily?
    When running single generators does the frequency remain stable?
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    What does "hunting" mean in this application? Surging or something like that?
  7. What does "hunting" mean in this application? Surging or something like that?
    It means that the load is constantly shifted from one generator to another and the back again.
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