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Genetic Testing

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    I want to know about knowing my DNA makeup. How can I get a skematic of my DNA and tell oll about me.

    Stuff like
    my racial makeup
    inherted things
    life expectancy
    habitual behavior
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    We have nowhere near the knowledge of genetics for anyone to provide the information you're asking for. Why do you need genetics to determine some of those anyway? Can't you evaluate habitual behaviors, strongpoints, weaknesses, sexuality, etc., based on simple observation of your actions and thoughts?

    About the best you could get would be testing for some limited markers of genetic diseases or susceptibility to some diseases, like certain cancers. These don't mean you will get those diseases, just that people with certain genes are at higher risk for them.
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    Well I've seen people who've been able to trace all of their heritage via gentic tests.
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    As Moonbear said, we are nowhere near testing the things you mentioned.
    You can trace heritage by matching chromosomal markers to that in a database and look whose chromosomes match up the most: that must be an ancestor.
    As I read in the paper yesterday there was a guy who traced his biological father (who was an anonymous sperm donor) by doing Y-chromosome heritage analysis over the internet. A very lucky shot.
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