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Georgia Power interview: tips?

  1. Dec 14, 2007 #1
    Hi all.

    I'm going on Monday for an interview in Atlanta for Georgia Power's Distribution EIT program. They emailed me monday and just gave me the exact time. Monday at 8am. This is my first interview. I have another interview early january for Kysor warren as entry level Design engineer which i'm also excited about but first things first. I know GP and Southern company in general is pretty huge in the SE USA so I was wondering if anyone has worked or interview for them or a power company and had any suggestions.

    wish me luck!

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  3. Dec 26, 2007 #2
    Well I go the job offer. I"m really excited. pays good, benefits are fantastic... they'll be paying my EIT exam fees so I can become a licensed engineer. the oppurtinity to work for 2nd largest energy provider in the country is really exciting, I didn't know that until i did the research for the interview. didn't know that they were 8th in the world as a power provider either.... pretty insane. I'm so excited too because distribution engineering is one my favourite subjects and I have a geniune passion for it. didn't get any replies so I'm assuming nobody regular works for Southern Company.

    It's so insane i'm so close come august i will have finally done it. it seems all this hard work has not been in vain, so close to actually being a real engineer. it's the dream come true.
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    Congratulations, Jasmine.

    I missed the OP. I know several folks in Southern's Nuclear Operating group (SNOC), with whom I've interacted over many years.

    I wish you well in you new job.
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