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Giant Slingshot

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    Well... Im in grade 12 Physics and we were asked to make a Slingshot to fit within a 1 meter cube. If anyone has any ideas or know any websites with plans to making one.. it will be very helpful

    Thank you.
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    Muhehe, I am sorry, this time no diagrams as I did in the golf club one :) I suggest you repost this into the HW/engineering forum, better chance of getting proffesional help.
    Though I dont know what exactly you mean by sling ****. If its the Y shaped one either go find some shaped wood or just stick some wood togever and put strong rubber band between the 2 sticks.

    Also one very useful method is - for those who know me know whats coming - yes! Using google!
    Tonnes of it, even some youtube videos.
    Good Luck with it.

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    Can it be electromagnetic? :biggrin:
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    Well it would be useful when people want help to atleast specify the thing they want a bit more... besides why did the word slingSHOT got consored?

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    Use latex tubing instead of rubbber bands. People have made water balloon slingshots that stretch for over 10 feet this way.

    Link to water balloon slingshot site, note the babes in the drawing look a tad better than the guys in the actual photo below.


    Latex tubing is also used as the tension source to lauch radio control gliders similar to a person launching a kite, and you can get stronger strengths for a shorter pull / more tension:

    Here's a link to one source of latex tubing of various strengths:

    http://www.aerofoam.com/hosemonster.html [Broken]

    and a link to the former distributor with some actual data:

    http://www.hollyday.com/rich/hd/sailplanes/rubberdata.htm [Broken]

    I've stretched the rubber to 350%, a bit more than shown in the graph.
    At 350%, the heavy duty tension increases from 24lbs to 27lbs. This is now
    called the "4 meter unlimited" at hosemonster.

    For my radio control glider, I use 60 feet of the heavy duty / 4 meter unlimited, with 210 feet of monofilament fishing line. I pull back 180 (300%) to 210 (350%) feet for a launch. Here's a video of me with an Artemis Light, 10'2" wingspan, but only 4 1/4 pounds weight.

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