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Girls are evil

  1. Aug 12, 2006 #1
    well. exams are over, and I'm going home tomorrow. I have to deal with her again. her/my friend are having a party tomorrow night, and I'll see her there.
    She keeps telling me she misses me and that she wants to see me. I hate it when she does that. It clearly means she didn't care about having a relationship. yet she tells me she DOES care and wasn't trying to mess around. She keeps doing that, telling me one thing then acting another way.
    and she's back to her normal flirty self. I can't really blame her cause that's just how she is, she's like that with everyone. but sometimes it's hard to see past that fact.
    I don't know how to deal with it. She seems intent on fixing our friendship. but there's really nothing to fix. ofcourse we're good friends, we're best friends, but it's based on the fact that I like her. and now that's been ruined. so I don't know how to be friends with her anymore.
    She's leaving for school in 2 weeks though, and i'm tempted to just suck it up and be fine with it, and then maybe 8 months from now i'll be ok and we can be friends.
    I dunno though, i think i'm just kidding myself. I never wanted to be only friends with her. could that romantic interest ever go away?
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    Kids these days seem like they are constantly going to parties.

    If she says she misses you she probably really wants to see you.
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    here's something i decided when my gf broke up with my about 2 months ago:

    **** serious relationships, i'm young, time to go out and have some FUN. Being tied down to one girl sucks, go out and play the field bro.

    There will be lots of time to be tied down when we're tied down for good! :D
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    oh ya, i forgot... i completely agree with you, girls make the devil look like a newborn puppy.:cool: (runs and hides before the women of the forum show up)
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    There's this girl I know who would always talk to me when she saw me, say I'm cute, play with my hair, etc... I asked her if she wanted to be more than just friends with me about 2 weekends ago and she said she didn't want to date anyone right now. Ever since I asked her, she hasn't initiated one conversation with me and whenever I talk to her the conversation ends really quickly because she doesn't talk. I think maybe she didn't expect it or something, I don't know. Maybe she just feels awkward around me now that she knows I like her.
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    Hmmm now that I think about it, maybe she felt bad about teasing me for a long time and now is just trying to do the opposite.

    Edit: I can see how some girls can be evil.
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    lol, yup, my situation is pretty much opposite of yours wiz, she won't leave me alone...but not in a good way
  9. Aug 12, 2006 #8
    That has to be about the dumbest damn thing I've seen anyone write...

    I'm sorry, but I really can't stand this ****ing attitude. It's this that leads to irresponsible parents and high divorce rates. You see it (marriage) as being a bad thing, but you see it as the expected thing to do at a certain age. You also end up thinking that it's the expected thing to have children, but you don't realise the responsibility you take on when having children. Then you ***** and moan about how you can't do what YOU want and how **** your life is.

    grow up!!
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    2 months is not even a drop in the grand bucket of things. Here's a novel approach....don't go to the party. Don't interact with her. Move on. She's doing the insecure little girl trick which is to keep as many people on a leash around her. It makes her feel better about herself. Meanwhile, you get put into a situation where you're posting an advice thread on an internet forum. The sooner you forget about her, the better off you'll be. MOVE ON! I can't believe it. You're in college man!!! These are your prime years. Unless your school is one big sausage fest, get out there and meet and greet. If for nothing else than to just to be social. You will most likely never have the same opportunities to do so once you leave college. I'm not saying play the field. I am saying to just be social and interact with as many different people as you can. It will change how you think about things. Short of doing a lot of travelling, it's probably your best way to become more "worldly." Heck, after meeting new people, you may either become even more infatuated with this girl or it may open your eyes to what you really want.

    BTW...you need to re-examine what it means to be a "best friend." A best friend is not a friendship based on the notion of one of you "liking" the other. That's infatuation. This girl is not your best friend. She may be a friend of some kind, but she's not a best friend.
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    Oh yeah. I almost forgot...girls are indeed evil. I agree.
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    I am profoundly disappointed in the title of the thread - which seems a blanket condemnation of a group of human beings because someone didn't get what he wanted in a relationship.

    Girls are complicated. Guys are complicated. People, by virtue of having independent minds, are complicated.

    If person A wants person B to be a certain way, but B is just not that way, and then person A resents person B for not being what person A wants - how fair is that?

    Please consider that the young lady is who she is, and one can't change that, only she can.

    Go out and play the field?!?! That's a rather sad statement. That seems to be the attitude of one who views women as objects of pleasure or entertainment. :frown: Women are not toys! :grumpy: :mad:

    I would echo Soilwork's last comment.

    And I think this thread should be deleted!
  13. Aug 12, 2006 #12


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    Ok, you're taking this WAY TOO seriously.

    Nothing wrong with being young and having fun. That DOESN'T imply getting kids and getting married. I have no idea where you got that from. Divorce rates are higher for many different reasons.

    Just to let you know, you may even go through divorce in your lifetime. But you won't see me yelling at you for how irresponsible you are, not because I know you responsible (which I don't know), but because it happens for many different reasons.

    And, I totally agree with Astronuc. Girls aren't toys and delete this thread.
  14. Aug 12, 2006 #13
    i am suprised non of the females of the species have come to this thread yet, it is a complete and uter bad topic, and i agre with Astronuc, but he didnt have to get all sciency on it, but it should be deleted or at least renamed, i got baned for less than this
  15. Aug 12, 2006 #14
    I think everyone is taking this more seriously than they should. I don't think the creator of the thread really meant to imply that ALL girls are evil. Moreover, I don't think he meant to even to imply that some of them are "evil" as the word is defined in a dictionary. I saw it more like a joke...kindda like when some say that "men don't ask for directions".
  16. Aug 12, 2006 #15

    George Jones

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    Here's my take on this.

    Women are trouble.

    Life devoid of all trouble is boring.
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    Why should this thread be deleted?? :confused: It's not at all obvious to me that the OP has violated any guidelines.

    There have been dozens of threads like this that have gone on for countless pages, have there not?
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    I took the whole "girls are evil" bit as completely tongue in cheek.
  19. Aug 12, 2006 #18
    Girls aren't evil they are marvelously complicated, and sometimes fickle, if you want to understand them, understand that you never will, and try to apreciate all the things that they do that make you care.

    What do women want? Who knows and it changes on any given day? What do men want, more of the same and sometimes we're more consistent, but vivre la difference, or get bitter trying to find the answer:biggrin:

    In this situation try and be a good friend, because you'll apreciate later that you tried in this relationship, and left on good terms, whatever the final outcome might be, at least you didn't come over as the jilted one. I can tell you though that friendship can be more important than a relationship and that you should cherish any moment where you apreciated love, be it platonic or otherwise.

    It sounds to me that she's trying to be mature and not burn her bridges before she leaves, that never works. But what do I know, I'm not living your life and you do what you feel is best.
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  20. Aug 12, 2006 #19
    I think people got the wrong impression of what I said. I wasn't saying treat girls horribly and go have sex with every one you can... not at all, those who read my thread awhile back know that I am not like that at all. I was saying that I have learned that at a young age it is silly to tie yourself down to one girl really seriously, because your just gonna get destroyed in the end, I've been there. You can't meet one girl and say "i'm not gonna look at any other girls now cuz i have a girlfriend". The whole point of dating is to meet new people. So by "playing the field" I basically meant to go meet new people, have fun, don't limit your social life by thinking that you have to focus entirely on one girl, even if she IS your girlfriend, there is nothign wrong with going out with other girls, sure it can be taken too far but just going out with them is completely legit.

    Soilwork you really overreacted bro, you really blew my post out of proportion.

    where the f did this come from?

    1)WHOA! how does that work? My point was to stay away from serious relationships, how does that lead to irresponsible parents and high divorce rates? last time i checked you had to be married to get a divorce, and if my point was to meet a variety of different people and not tie yourself down to one girl, then how is this going to lead to a corrupt marriage? Also, I NEVER said ANYTHING about going around having uprotected sex with random girls... so I have NO clue where you got the irresponsible parents thing from man.

    2)I never said marriage was a bad thing, I said that there will be "lots of time to be tied down when you are tied down for good". I was half joking, and the other half was making the point that when married you are consent with your relationship, you love your husband/wife, you won't be going out dating anyone else (in a good marriage). But as a teenager, get out there and meet some people, you aren't married, the point of dating is to meet people so don't think its a bad thing... tying yourself down is preventing yourself from meeting people. Hope you understand that response it is pretty badly written:rolleyes:

    3)who the hell said that marriage is the "expected thing to do at a certain age"? dude, i dont' even know how to respond to you because you pulled that out of knowhere. People get married when they have found somebody they want to spend the rest of their life with and start a family, there is no certain age, I never said there was and i don't think anyone else implied that.

    4)again... are you reading the same thread I am? Where did anyone say that we think its expected to have children? Dude thats the last thing I want at this point in my life...maybe oneday when I'm MARRIED.

    Explain your post bud cuz it has me confused as hell.

    EDIT: i forgot, usually when there is a smiley face (or :D ) or a statement like "(runs and hides)" it usually indicates a joking manner. What that means is that the post is not ENTIRELY serious and wasn't meant to offend anyone, the smiley's are like the fine print on a legal document protecting the company from a lawsuit! :D:D [<--those are smiles]
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    You know... you can meet people without dating them. :tongue:
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