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Homework Help: Glass is Green?

  1. Nov 12, 2007 #1
    Glass is Green???

    when the glass is viewed at their edge , it looks green .

    1.why it is green when viewed at the edge ?
    2.Why its not green when we view other than the edge ?

    i think polarization is the effect but if so,how does it take place .

    please help me in this homework
    thank u
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    It preferentially scatters this color when light goes through it, the same reason why the sky is blue. This means that glass absorbs and re-emits green light by preference. When the light is re-emitted it can be sent off in another direction - it is scattered in different directions and get caught up inside of the glass due to multiple absorptions and re-emissions. When one look at the glass sideways the amount of green light exiting the side will be more than that exiting a flat side due to the fact that more atoms are along the line of site when you look at the glass sideways.
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