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Good book for non school reading?

  1. Nov 3, 2011 #1
    I have £25 or $40 worth of book tokens to spend. I normally don't read fiction books and was thinking of getting a scientific or engineering orientated book that I could read without having a degree in the relevant subject?

    I like electronics and physics and had though about either getting The Emperors New Mind or the biography of Alan Turing?

    Anyone else got any suggestions?

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    The Feynman lectures??
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    Which Turing bio are you looking at? I've been hoping to find a good one.

    If you're looking for a pop sci kind of book, Fermat's Enigma is really well-written and doesn't assume a lot of math background. It gives you a pretty good view of math history in the course of following those who attempted to (and Andrew Wiles, who did) solve Fermat's Last Theorem.

    I recently read Janna Levin's How the Universe Got Its Spots which is about the size and shape of the universe. I thought it was pretty interesting, but I've taken a lot of math and I still found it tough...she gets into topology and stuff like that. Also, I know very little about physics and so I can't comment as to how accurate it is.
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