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Medical Good forms/kinds of birth control?

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    I was just wondering if any of the females know of any good forms/kinds of birth control?

    If so, what are they? I know you can't really recommend any, but which one(s) worked good for you? I work at a pharmacy, but I would prefer not to work with any of the people I work with, it might be weird, but I know they would be willing to help....
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    Re: Effective...

    Super-Glue and a cork.

    Well, it worked for my cat... :redface:

    Okay, cheap joke. I assume that due to your occupation you know that most contraceptives don't protect against STD's. If that's a concern, stick with spermicide and condoms.
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    Re: Effective...

    Hmmm...sounds kinda painful...but if worse comes to worse, it will work!
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    Re: Effective...

    Yeah, I do know that.
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    Re: Effective...

    birth control will just make you fat and kill your sex drive.
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    Re: Effective...

    I don't want to be fat! I'm rather skinny now, and being fat, well, it would make me U to the G to the ly.
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