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Good ideas concerning shortening and lengthening electrical impulses

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    Basically, what I am wondering is if anyone has any great ideas how to change the electrical impulses from an impulse source giving steady pulses if you can't change the settings of the source.

    What I would like to do is make send these impulses through two separate branches (they share the same impulse source) and shorten one impulse by 5 ns while lengthening the impulse through the other branch by the same amount. Each one of these branches contain an instrument with high impedance, and also I would like to avoid reflections in the circuit. The impulses are square waves with amplitude of order a few volt and the period is, say, 15μs.

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    You should really ask this in the electronics sub forum. Do you care about the pulse amplitude? If you don't and if your signal is large enough, you could split the signal and try to put a meter of coax cable (look at your cable specs to get 5ns) as a delay line, then combine the signals again using an or-gate and an and-gate. In theory these speeds should be possible. But there are probably more elegant ways to achieve this.
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    (Thread moved to the EE forum)

    Can you just use the signal source as a trigger for a separate circuit that generates the 2 pulses that you want?
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    Same reaction: add the circuitry, if it's a matter of 5ns.

    Things like pulse compression exist, but are meant for very short pulses or for very high energy. As well, users don't expect nice waveforms from these circuits.
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    Thank you all for your answers. Everything is now solved, so the problem is eliminated.
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