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Good notes on wire models in digital circuits

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    Hello everyone.
    I'm trying to do a homework in digital integrated electronics class and feel like I can finish it only if I had a good set of notes.
    I have problems like comparing the input capacitance of a Mosfet to a wire of certain length, getting RC time loss in a wire, power distribution calculations on a 64bit ram chip.
    Now I'm not asking for the solutions, but a good set of notes which cover these topics. So far my book is useless and the prof notes (like always) are too simplistic.

    Thank You!
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    hi there

    your queries are not really answerable as they are just too vague.

    eg. EVERY MOSFET is going to have a different input capacitance and how much a
    given length of wire or circuit track and their thicknesses will affect the capacitance, is going vary greatly

    "getting RC time loss in a wire" --- that as it stands, is like asking "how long is a piece of string (wire)" ... as long as you want it to be
    the question is meaningless with out a few definitions the least of which would be the length and diameter of the wire, its resistance in Ohms / metre etc

    I'm sure there's formula for wourking out much of what you are asking. and you would have to use those formulae for each and every situation you work with.
    There wont be a "1 answer fits all"

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