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Grad school low gpa

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    I'm senior UCSB phys program that currently has 2.6 GPA not good at all this year I'm retaking some classes and working hard to improve my GPA and plan on boosting to 2.9. Right now i'm studying for physGRE, and getting research. Right now i'm looking at masters programs at CSUs
    and wondering whether I should try to apply this year, or wait till next year when i'll have a better GPA and more research experience. Also how a masters from CSU will look when applying for prospective PHD programs. Also I hear rumors that UC's like undergrads from UC's and UCR, UCSD, UCMerced and UCSC don't have the classic 3.0 requirements. Is there a chance to get in those programs with some good letters of rec?

    going to see and advisor but curious what people here think
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    I know there are MS programs that may accept you with a 2.6 (small departments). I don't even think they have PGRE requirements. A MS probably won't make you look any better for a phd application though. In my opinion, it DOES give you a chance to get your act together and allow you more time to make you look more presentable as far as GPA, PGRE, and research goes. Plus you'll have some extra time to consider whether or not a PhD is even right for you.
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