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Homework Help: Grade 12 hwk help

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    Hi guys,

    I need some help with part C of the question. I've already done the other 2 parts and shall post my solution to parts a and b soon. But in the meantime if any1 can get me started with c....

    Car A travelling at 100km/hr begins to accelerate in order to pass another car travelling at 100 km/hr. Car A accelerates until it reaches a velocity of 130 km/hr which takes 4.5 s.

    a) What is the acceleration of car A?
    b) At the end of Car A's acceleration, how far in front of the other car is it?
    c) If an oncoming car is travelling at 110km/hr, how far would it have to be from car A when it begins its acceleration.
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    I'm frankly not exactly sure I understand what part c is asking. Is the other car accelerating? What does it mean "how far does it have to be from car A?" How far does it have to be to do what? I don't understand the question.

    - Warren
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    Chroot, my interpretation of C is this: car A is just able to get back to its correct side of the road without hitting the oncoming car.
    Assuming that, how far from A must this oncoming car (going at a steady 110 km/hr) be at the time A starts accelerating.
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