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Graph Theory Book Recommendations

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    I'm looking for an introductory book on graph theory. I'll be taking a course in graph theory this Spring so I don't want anything too technical, just something to get my feet wet.

    any recommendations for an easy to follow engaging book? A "for dummies" if you will.
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    A fairly short one, 160pp, is "Introduction to Graph theory" by Robin J Wilson with a bit about numerous aspects. I am not saying there is not a shorter, better or more suitable one.

    His dad was Prime Minister.
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    I don't know if this is for dummies, but I really enjoyed Deistel and it has the advantage of being available on the internet for free.


    I don't think it's particularly unfriendly and technical or anything. Graph theory is awesome. I typically don't think of it as too much of a technical subject, but then, I'm sort of a casual observer (plus, I have very strong intuition, so other people might find it more technical than I do).
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