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Intro Physics Great introduction to heat, temperature and thermodynamics.

  1. Jun 13, 2015 #1
    So i need a introduction to Heat, temperature and thermodynamics; not a very advanced text, just a clear beginner text that can include math/calculus. I'm just curious about how heat was/is measured, how it's defined and how it works.Also I wan't to understand thermodynamics and entropy and how and why it was devellopedl

    So far I'm thinking about choosing between these books.

    A) Inventing Temperature: Measurement and Scientific Progress - Hasok Chang.(Love history and how ideas evolved throught experiment )
    B) Understanding Physics: Volume 1: Motion, Sound and Heat - Isaac Asimov (then reading about heat)

    C) Entropy and the Second Law: Interpretation and Misss-Interpretations
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    Although it does not contain historical explanations a book that you might consider examining is Schroeder's An Introduction to Thermal Physics. I think it develops the idea of temperature, energy, entropy from kinetic gases quite clearly and eventually leads into introductory Stat Mech. Another classic text is Statistical Physics: Berkeley Physics Course, Vol. 5 by Rief which I remeber as being clear but I cannot remember as to wheter it included historical development.
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    Reif has updated his contribution to the Berkeley Physics Course, producing this book: Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics

    As for the OP, if you have never been exposed to any of that, take a few hours of your time to follow Shankar in his video lectures (21 to 24) on the fundamentals of physics (look them up on Youtube).
    The man has a knack for getting to the heart of things. Those lessons might be a powerful appetizer.
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