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Hardware to mount pcb/prototype board to metal box?

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    They are called 'stand-offs'
    Little hexagonal rods with a tapped hole in each end - you screw through the box into one end and trhough the PCB into the other
    Or you can get stick on plastic ones that glue to the inside of the box and have little plastic barbs that go through the hole in the PCB
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    If you have fairly thick metal, you can get stand-offs that have a thread on one end, allowing you to screw it into the bottom of your box. This works best if you have access to a machine shop with a lathe, or someone that's really good with a drill press. You also need to know exactly where your holes are to be located.

    If you just have a sheet metal box, well, the ones with tapped holes are probably the way to go, along with some round head screws through the sheet.
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    Nut inserts probably aren't what you'd want for your application but I thought they would be worth mentioning because they come in handy sometimes. For example, when a "backer plate" is desired in the bottom of an enclosure and you want to put standoffs on it to mount PCBs.

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