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I Has Large Hadron Collider shown Higgs conformal invariance

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    the higgs naturalness problems has several solutions

    1- natural susy
    2- technicolor
    3- extra dimensions
    4- conformal invariance

    Large Hadron Collider has to date strongly disfavored susy, technicolor, extra dimensions. it is highly unlikely susy is the answer to the higgs hierarchy problem

    does this leave conformal invariance as the strongest option for the hierarchy problem?
    since 1-3 have been strongly constrained, it seems nature has picked 4 for the higgs.

    so the higgs doesn't have a mass term under conformal invariance.
    what are the full implications of this?

    is technihiggs, with the higgs a composite of 2 technifermions bound by a color like force forming a neutral like pion, still viable?
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