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Have You Ever Been Wrongly Accused Or Punished For What You Didn't Do?

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    Yesterday I was with my friends in college. I borrowed a smartphone from one of my friends to view some of our photos. There was a scratch on the screen of his phone. He didn't realize this till the time I gave him back. He thought that it was me who scratched his phone and started scolding me. Though I tried to explain he didn't listen to me. To add fuel to the flame, I was having long nails.(I didn't cut them for a 2 weeks.) This is the reason why he didn't believe me.Other guys also supported him. I couldn't prove my innocence. I was an easy target for their blame. Similarly have you people experienced such kind of incidents in which you were blamed though you didn't do any mistake?
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    I'm wondering whether fingernails are hard enough to scratch the screen of a phone.
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    Most consumers devices with touchscreens have some sort of coating that makes them stronger and better able to deal with scratches. To be able to scratch the screen they must have been using a knife or a blade or some other sharp object.
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    I agree about the nails. If they were sharp-enough to scratch the screen, you would have likely scratched yourself seriously somewhere.
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    Yup. It was night and I was leaving uni to go back to my apartment. This friend of mine offered me a ride, but I said it was okay, that I would walk. She kept insisting a lot so I had no option but to say ok. When I got off the car, I closed the door very gently, but it didn't fully close. So I try to open it again and in that very moment the handle broke and I was left with it in my hand. I had to pay for it despite being clear to me that it was toasted because of the sun and it wasn't really my fault. It was going to happen any minute then, but it had to happen to me. :(

    Pft, scratching a smartphone screen with fingernails... As if your fingernails were knives or as if you used your fingernails to navigate a capacitive screen. If they are really convinced that it was you and you can't change their minds, then just tell them to stop buying trashy phones that get scratched so easily.

    (It's impossible to navigate a capacitive screen with fingernails, I bet they don't know that)
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    Those guys are so dumb. I tried convincing but since nobody was on my side, the guy came to a conclusion that it was me.
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    may be. The fault lies on the owner of the phone. How could he be so ignorant? He didn't see the scratch till the time he gave me.
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    It could also be that you hid a small razor blade or the likes in one of your hands and ran it gently across the touch screen while pretending to wipe for images. Perhaps you dropped it unintentionally while no one saw that and you lied to them in order to not pay for the damage.....
    If you're seriously a sincere person and they blamed you on the scratch without listening to your explanation, I'd say they are not dumb but are smart...arses, especially the phone owner. Think twice about who you should hang around with.
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    Nope. My Galaxy S4 works just fine with fingernails (I just tried it). That having been said, it doesn't matter how long or sharp your fingernails are, you can't scratch a smartphone's screen with them. Modern smartphones all use some kind of glass screen, and glass is MUCH harder than fingernails. You could try to scratch the glass with your nails all day, and you'd never achieve anything.
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    Even you aren't agreeing with me. Before i got his phone, it was with some other guys. So it could be that any one of them could have done that and to get way with it, the guy supported the owner that it was me blaming my long nails. If I had done something similar or exactly what you have said, I wouldn't have started this thread. Secondly it was another guy who first said it could have been me as i have long nails. There are chances that it might be him.

    I agree with this.
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