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Have you ever heard Electric Field of one turn Solenoid?

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    Have you ever heard "Electric Field of one turn Solenoid?

    hi, guys:
    Have you ever heard "Electric Field of one turn Solenoid"? Here is a example from MIT.
    1. Click on the weblink: http://web.mit.edu/6.013_book/www/book.html
    2. Click on the Chapter 10 in the left part of the screen!
    3. Now Click on 10.1 , which say something about Magnetoquasistatic Electric Fields in Systems of PerfectConductors
    4. In the Example 10.1.2, you will find the Electric Field of one turn Solenoid

    I am confused about this example!
    First I cannot understand "a circular cylindrical conductor having an inside radius a much less than its length in the z direction" Is this solenoid 3 dimension or 2 dimension? If it is 3 dimension, is it still " solenoid'?
    Second I cannot agree with the Equation (14), which claims that "the field inside the solenoid is uniform, axial, and equal to the surface current " ??

    Anyway, I cannot understand the example at all, does anybody who is a guru in Electrodynamics can understand that?
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    I believe Figure 10.1.3 shows the cross section view of a "cyliner". The cylinder height, z direction, is into the page.

    Equation 14: the words do say "surface current" but K is surface current denisty, Amps/length. I think the Iz in this equation should be possibly Nz (unit norm in Z direction) since H is a bolded vector.

    But by the same reasons discussed in 10.1.1 the H field would be essentially uniform and axial in the z direction given a very long and very small dia.
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