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Hazard Rate and Survivor Function

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    I really doubt that anybody would help me out on this...because by experience, nobody ever replies to the stats stuff on this forum...

    But i'll try anyway


    the hazard rate function is:

    h(t) = lamda > 0 ...................... for 0 =< t =< 50

    h(t) = lamda + alpha(t - 50) ....... for t> 50

    Find the surviovr function S'/S = -h.


    So far...all i know is that S = e^-(lamda)t for 0 =< t =< 50

    I'm not sure what to do from here...

    Can somebody give me a boost please?
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    I would integrate. S'/S = ln(S)'

    So calling lamda L and alpha A (I assume they're both constants, right?)
    So ln(S) = -(Lt + At2/2 -50At + C) where C is a constant.

    In fact, you missed for your other value of S that it's D*e-lamda*t because you didn't do what I did above, and missed the constant of integration
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