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Medical Heart Rate Jumps While Exercising

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    Hey fellas and ladies.

    So I have an issue. I've been exercising regularly for about 3 months now by doing jogging and brisk walking. Just basic cardio to get my terrible heart into shape. The thing is, I can't jog for very long at all without my heart rate jumping up to 170-180+. I know this because of a heart rate monitor I wear.

    I try to breath well as I jog so avoid this, and I generally exercise on an empty stomach, so I don't know what's causing the jump. I really want to move on from mostly brisk walking to something a bit more difficult, but I've been told by others if my heart rate gets that high it turns my exercise into anaerobic. Which I believe because jogging too long gives me cramps and I'm out of breath really quick.

    I'm going to see a doctor about it if it can't resolve itself with either better breathing or more hydration, but was wondering if there's anything you folks had experience with to remedy this. Thanks :D

    TLDR; Heart rate sky-rockets when jogging. What do?
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    I'm glad to hear you plan to see a doctor about this. It could be something very serious.

    But, sorry, it's against PF policy to give diagnosis.
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