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Heat exchange: Water to water through jacketed pipe

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    Edit: I've realized that it's not called a 'jacketed pipe', but simply a double pipe heat exchanger. Apologies, English is not my first language.

    I have been asked to scour the webs for information about how to calculate the heat exchange in a jacketed stainless steel pipe, with hot water in the inner cylinder and cool, counter-flowing water in the outer cylinder.

    I need the information in order to figure out which heat exchange option is better suited for a wastewater-treatment facility.

    As it is, the wastewater has a temperature of 90ºC, which cannot be cleaned by the facility. Therefore it needs to be cooled off either way. But rather than simply cooling it off, I am looking to transfer the heat back to the factory so that they can reheat it from as high a temperature as possible.

    The wastewater is full of protein, so a plate exchanger is not an option (as it would clog). Seemingly, the best option is to lead the hot wastewater through a jacketed pipe with counterflowing hot wastewater and cool water (wastewater is ~90ºC, cool water is ~5ºC).

    Before ordering a heat-exchanger I would like to have a better understanding of the calculations used to determine the exchange of heat, and so as to know what result I can expect.

    Any responses are much appreciated - especially quick ones, as this is a bit of a rushed matter.

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