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Heat pump customisation

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    I am a mechanical eningeer, designing a prototype for a system in which a heat pump moves heat between two proccess tanks with built in heat exchangers. I want to use an off the shelf heat pump but I want the proccess tanks to be the evaporator and condensor.

    If I buy a heat pump and bypass its condensing coil using 1 of my tanks and bypass its evapourating coil with my other tank, how likley is the heatpump to work (its for a miniture prototype so it merley needs to work ok, doesn't matter if it shortens the life of the compressor).
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    It will not work at all. A heat pump must have an evaporator and condenser, you can not 'bypass' either one of them. Would your car work if you 'bypass' the gearbox or wheels?

    If you are not worried about the heat pump then submerge the evaporator & condenser directly in the liquid in the process tanks.
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